SICAB, International P.R.E. Horse Fair
Once again, I am contacting you with information regarding a number of aspects regarding SICAB 2017, the International PRE Trade Fair and home of the 3rd World PRE Horse Championship.

This newsletter included preliminary information about the event, which we hope is of interest.  

The 27th edition of SICAB will be held from the 14th to the 19th of November at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones (Fair Grounds and Convention Center) in Sevilla.


[PDF] 2017 Program

ANCCE has once again signed an agreement with the El Corte Inglés travel agency to handle all hotel reservations during SICAB. Included herein is the Official Hotel Reservation Form, with the names of the various hotels offered and the corresponding price list. 
The travel agent’s phone number is +34 954 254 718

[WEB] Official Hotel Reservation Form

Annually, SICAB prepares an official catalog, where stud farms may include publicity.   This tool is very useful for guest at the venue.  The deadline to request publicity and to send in all originals is Saturday, October 16. Included herein is the request form for publicity; the rates are also provided for breeders, depending on whether or not they are members of ANCCE.  Remember that space for stud farm publicity is limited; if you are interested, please reserve now!  

[WEB]  Online Request Form

As was the case for previous years, breeder stands will be housed in Pavilion 1, next to the arena for mares. If you are interested in reserving exhibition space, you must formalize your reservation by filling out the form, depositing the reservation fee of six hundred euros (€600) into the Caja Rural del Sur account, with IBAN number: ES22 3187 0812 8010 9498 7227 – BIC: BCOEESMM187.  Remember that this is a non-refundable deposit, should you later cancel your stand reservation once the September 14th deadline has concluded.

When it comes to confirming and selection a location, priority is given to those stud farms having a stand at previous editions; requests are attended on a first-come-first-serve basis once payment has been made.   As of Friday, the 15th of September, breeders who had stand at previous editions but who have not made the corresponding reservation will forsake all priority rights and that space will be designated to another breeder without him/her having had a stand at a prior edition.  

The specification for set up, schedules and general usage are specified on the Breeder Contract Form, which will be sent in due course.  

Two-floor stands, or those elevated above the ground pay a 60% surcharge over the total fee for the stand.  The maximum ground area available per stand is eighty square meters (80m2).  

In such case that the stand is by a SICAB sponsor, said stand has its own system for set up.

Should a stand plan to offer its guests food/beverage samples, remember that according to the current legislation and health-related mandates of Spain, those working as waiters/waitresses must be contracted and registered with the Social Security office as well as having the corresponding food handler license. Failure to comply with such aspects is the sole responsibility of the contracting breeder.   

Remember that it is totally prohibited to have:
a) Sound (PA) systems should there be live music.
b) Security services that hinder or limit access to stands.

Failure to comply with these rules may lead to the immediate dismantling of the stand.  

[WEB] Online Breeder Stand Reservation Form

Ticket sales at the BOX OFFICE:
:: Fair Grounds
General entrance ticket from Tuesday to Sunday: €12
:: Show
Wednesday: €10
Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning and Sunday: €15
Saturday night: €20
* VAT included in price.

ONLINE ticket sales
Due to the great demand, and the limited space for the equestrian show, it is recommended that you purchase your tickets online and in advance at
** Tickets purchased through the Internet includes €1.50 processing fee per ticket.

Once again, ANCCE, has renewed its collaboration agreement with IBERIA, thanks to which the airlines offers SICAB participants and guests a 10% discount on all available flights when the final destination is Sevilla or Madrid. In virtue of this agreement, this discount is applicable to those who purchase their tickets on the IBERIA web site, at

Once you have selected the return flight fee, click on the section “Tengo un código promocional” (I have a promotional code), and type in the discount code SICAB2017 (in caps). Remember that this discount is valid both five (5) days before and after the actual dates for SICAB. This special offer is exclusively for flights with the carriers IBERIA, IBERIA EXPRESS and IBERIA AIR NOSTRUM. It does not include shuttle flights. This promotion cannot be combined with other discounts.

RENFE offers SICAB visitors travelling by train within Spain a 30% discount on tickets originating in or whose final destination is the city of Sevilla. This promotion is valid from the 12th to the 21st of November of this year. If you are interested in the offer, send an email to requesting the “Discount Authorization.” Be sure to include the full name of the person who will be using the ticket.

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